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Sonus faber - our range

It's a pleasure and a privilege to sell Sonus faber speakers but it's even better to own them. There's nothing like the sensual onslaught that comes with unpacking these speakers - the unique aroma of Italian leather and walnut. The sheer quality of design and manufacture is made obvious the first time you handle them. And the sound... well that's what Sonus faber are all about. Explore the range.


The newest models in our Sonus faber lineup are also the most affordable.

Finished in the Italian racing red option, the newly arrived Chameleon T floor stander we have in the shop is wonderful in the scale and impact of sound it produces. Brilliant for larger rooms and a broad range of musical tastes.

The smaller 'B' shelfmount is the latest in a long line starting with the Concertino and is the perfect intoduction to Sonus faber.  More


Make the most of our specials on the Venere range. 

The Venere 2.0 is a finished in walnut with a beautifully curved cabinet, intentionally larger than most shelf or stand mount speakers give a full blooded sound. $3000 the pair - save $1000.

Sounds amazing with either the PrimaLuna tube amps or the bigger NuPrime models. 


The Olympica series is pure Sonus faber. Hand crafted in Italy from the finest materials these are heirlooms rather than consumer goods. The Olympica 1 delivers sound quality that both belies their size and fully justifies their price - most full sized speakers will fall well short of their expansive room filling capabilities - indeed, like all Sonus fabers the Olympica benefits greatly from space and will bloom fully when given ample room to breathe. The sound staging is more like a landscape.

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Pryma Headphones

Made by Sonus faber, the new Pryma headphones allow you to enjoy their very best sound quality anytime and anywhere.

Perfect for use with iPhones, the Prymas are one of the few really good sealed designs so you'll not be disturbed by outside noise.

For the very best in portable sound match the Sonus faber Prymas with the new Questyle QP1-R high resolution player.

We have the Prymas in stock in both black and rose gold from $995.

Read about the Prymas here and check out their official website here.

Cremona Auditor M

These are our babies - we're upgrading to the Olympicas so want to send what have been our favorite speakers to a good home where you'll enjoy them as much as we have.

At less than half the replacement cost and in perfect condition with stands included, these are your chance to own a Sonus faber legend. $6000 inclusive.

Read the review here and check out our page here.

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