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Maximum sound - Minimum outlay

We’ve teamed up with our best supplier to bring you a special and exclusive deal on our favourite wireless speaker system - The Geneva Aerosphere S.

We’ve always got along with the little Geneva - while we’ve had a shop full of larger more impressive looking systems that are lot of fun and brilliant for larger rooms, it’s the perfectly formed Geneva Aerosphere S that makes the real minimalist statement. 

Having now moved to a home office the little Geneva Aerosphere S has become my best friend. In what is a room of barely controlled chaos, with the Totally Wired operation crammed into all spare space, it sits happily tucked into the shelf behind me and sings away to me.

Fed on a highly variable diet of what you might struggle to call easy listening via all the devices on our home network, the quality of sound is remarkably consistent with that of the big system in the living room. We knew it was good but now it has become my everyday source of music. If sound quality is important to you, this is the wireless speaker system to go for.

The market for wireless speaker systems has gone from nothing to saturation in a frighteningly short space of time - there is a bewildering range of competing options. The Geneva approach is very much design led - but based firmly on the delivery of the better sound quality.

The spherical form is a big contributor as it achieves both a dramatic drop in resonance and remarkable dispersion. But this has to be backed up by quality signal processing, parts and assembly. It also has to do what we want in terms of connections - wirelessly, the Aerosphere S operates both via BlueTooth and the better sounding Wifi option. In both PC (DLNA) and Apple (AirPlay) environments. And is controlled with by Ap, AirPlay or its own remote control. You can also plug any line level source in (a turntable would normally operate via a phone stage).

Have a quick read of What HiFi's five star take on the Geneva Aerosphere S.

The Aerosphere S is ideal for shelf or table top placement and we’ve also got the matching stand on special. You can have several Aerospheres distributed around your home either playing together or separately. And for the more demanding listener you can set a pair up in the same way you would normal speakers, as the Ap allows you to separate right and left channels. In this context the Aerosphere beats any conventional system hands down given the special price (and also makes more sense than the larger model L).

This deal on the Aerosphere S is for Totally Wired clients only - it’s the most sophisticated model in the range and given we know you’re going to be more discerning when it comes to sound quality, we teamed up with Denco Audio (the distributors) to do a quantity buy up and pass the saving on to you. No other shop has this deal. We’ve got both black and red finishes in stock. To match the Aerospheres, we’ve also reduced the prices on our other Geneva models in stock which you can see on our page here.

Geneva Aerosphere S black or red finish $500 (was $750)

Geneva S stand $175 (was $349)