Monitor Audio

The British loudspeaker designing and manufacturing company Monitor Audio may have been around for over 5 decades, yet in the last few years we’ve watched (and heard) them re-invent themselves to become one of the most progressive and focused specialists in the world of home audio.

 Nothing illustrates this better than the new Hyphn: A radically different proposition that looks like no other loudspeaker, with each unit being built up out of 3 constituent assemblies – a pair of curved upright enclosures for the bass drivers and an array of tiny midrange drivers centred on a pleated ribbon tweeter.

From my own perspective, Hyphn is the logical end point of a journey which started with the ‘Studio’ which remains my favourite Monitor Audio model; it’s much smaller and more affordable but was always a speaker designed by the MA design team for their own listening. The same team have delivered Hyphn as a cost-no-object project.

But there’s a lot more to Monitor Audio than just these two models. Their range is extensive and comprehensive and here in New Zealand we’re able to provide you with almost all of their options from the always value packed Bronze series right up to the latest generation Gold and Platinum models.

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  • The Silver 500 7G (Seventh Generation) floor standing speaker system
  • Gold 300 5G premium quality floorstanders.
  • Studio – the reference level compact speaker that’s surprisingly affordable
  • Silver 6G 300s – the model that proved to be a breakthrough in quality and performance.
  • Bronze 6 G series – entry level price, astonishing sound.

Monitor Audio Studio

The Monitor Audio Studio has recalibrated my expectation of how a compact speaker can perform – the resolution levels and clarity are the best I’ve heard and lay bare everything that is happening in the system. The integration between the metal cone bass/mid drivers and ribbon tweeter is seamless. The speed, control and pace are exemplary. The Studio is an insight into the values of Monitor Audio’s design team – read the full review.

Monitor Audio Silver 6G 300s

All about the new Monitor Audio Silver 6G 300 series loudspeakers at Totally Wired. We all like pleasant surprises – to have not just expectations met but to find that we’ve been treated to something really special. And it is the nature of such events that you often don’t see them coming. For my first listen to the new Sliver 6G series, I’ve focused on a model in the middle that just seems to make the most sense – the floor standing Silver 300 – “these speakers are a real breakthrough.” They are representative of every bit of technology in the range and only give away size to the next model up.

Monitor Audio Bronze 6G

The Bronze series Monitor Audio’s sixth generation give an astounding performance beyond their price points. This series is no mere revision but a complete redesign with Monitor Audio again setting the bar higher for home audio with an affordable range that will work brilliantly with your electronics whether for music or home theatre.

Monitor Audio CP series in wall and celing speaker systems

Monitor Audio built-in speaker options

Learn about what makes a superior in-built speaker system. Monitor Audio are now the largest UK owned loudspeaker design and manufacturing company with over 40 years of experience and a comprehensive new range of award winning models. While best known for their floor standing and smaller shelf or stand mount models, they have been applying the same unique technologies and expertise to in-built speaker models. Totally Wired will help you choose the right speakers for your needs.