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Making your records sound better.

What started as an idea for this zine took on a life of it’s own and I’ve been writing and updating many pages on this topic - dive in here to make your records sound better.

As you’ll read, the catalyst for the article was soon-to-be released Well Tempered Simplex 2 turntable pictured above. The plinth has been upgraded to what looks like the same ply as the lustworthy Versalex, and this has provided real sonic benefits to what was already a very good turntable. The  Simplex 2 is expected in at $3000. It doesn’t seem so long ago the Simplex was introduced but here’s a quote from 2011-

'This cleverly conceived turntable does what few others can. It draws you into the music and holds you in its grip. So whether the tunes are upbeat and lively, or dark and mysterious, you feel like it's there in the room and that you're missing out if you don't pay attention.'

How will the new Simplex 2 compare to the Versalex and our entry level favourite, the Consonance Wax Engine? With both of these turntables, why is Dynavector our cartridge of choice?

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KLEI cables update

In our last e zine we introduced Keith Eichmann’s statement power cable - The KLEI Purity AC - I also managed to get a link wrong so if you didn’t read the article last time, it’s worth going back to as my listening at home has shown that it just gets better and better.

Hot on the heels of the Purity AC, we’ve now got a new mid-priced AC cable from Keith - the KLEI gPower3 - while it looks like the gPower2 we’ve been running with for the last year or so, the internals owe a lot to the development of the Purity level cables and while only a little more than the entry level in terms of cost, there is a significant performance gain. The lucidity of the gPower2 is retained but there is a very definite enhancement of bass performance and warmth.

So this gives you 3 great choices -

KLEI gPower2 AC mains cable 1m NZ plugs NZ$500 including GST and delivery.
KLEI gPower3 AC mains cable 1m $700.
KLEI Purity AC mains cable 1m $1800.

All in stock now.

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the farming report

It’s six months since we moved from the Terrace Houses to home. The main project of rebuilding the website has proved to be just a little bit bigger than we expected but we’re starting to progress well now with our new WordPress based site taking shape.

I will admit to being a little too easily distracted from work over the last few months - running our small farm used to be something that was primarily done outside of normal work hours. Now on a nice day it’s all to easy do things like moving the cows instead of submerging myself in web page writing. I expect anyone working from home has the same issues.

Carolijn has been working very hard at university on her post grad diploma yet has still managed to keep our facebook page up to date and  has put together some nice new pages on some our best selling Tivoli models - the Music System BT and Model One.

It wasn’t something we expected, but more and more clients are choosing to visit us at home - in many ways we’re better set up than  previously in the shop to both demonstrate components and do things like set up turntables. It’s only a quick 15 minutes from the centre of town (closer than either Portabello or Mosgeil) so if you'd like to vist just drop me a line and we'll give you directions. I’m also in town most days of the week and make house calls.

With both the work still required on the website and finding that we’re doing surprisingly well, the plan to re-open a conventional retail store is on hold right now. This doesn’t mean we won’t but right now every day is full.

We’re also continually looking for new and better products for you. NuPrime have flagged some really exciting models - the flagship IDA-32 integrated amplifier (which will come in above our favourite IDA-16) is close to launch, there is a server option with will be part of the 9 series range along with a new CD player - while everyone else is walking away from CD, there are still plenty of listeners that are happy with the format so to have something new in this space is great.


While NuPrime gets a lot of love from us, the original NuForce company is still trucking along and we’ve recently been able to get back into a couple of our favourite products. The little BTR-100 Bluetooth receiver and DAC is a simple and great sounding solution for Bluetooth wireless transmission. It can either plug directly into any conventional system (all the cables needed are in there) or for even better results can connect via an optical cable to any worthwhile DAC or AVR.

NuForce BTR-100 NZ$169.

The NuForce MCA-18 is a wickedly good 8 channel power amplifier that can be used in 3 ways -

First as a significant upgrade for any surround sound system with pre-outs or even better, directly connected to Oppo and Cambridge Blueray players.

Next as a killer multi-room amplifier able to run four separate pairs of speakers  (and we can do all sorts of tricks with this and the NuPrime WR-100 - and this is worth a story in it’s own right - it appears to be similar to the NuForce BTR-100 but actually takes things a whole lot further)

And finally as a fantastic all in one power amplifier for bi-amping any pair of speakers. It’s in this setting you really find out just how good a sounding amplifier this is - matched with something like the NuPrime HPA-9 preamplifier which allows easy connection and makes the most of the MCA-18s abilities. This amp sounds really rich and warm - it’s very much in the same ballpark as the esteemed DDA-100 but with much more power and control.

I really liked it when it first came out and as we’ve got more ambitious in terms of the components we match it with, my estimation of it only grows.

NuForce MCA-18 8 channel power amplifier NZ$1495.

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