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Seeking perspective

Having worked straight through from Christmas, we finally snuck away for a few days in Fiordland. The picture above gives you an idea of what it it’s like but doesn’t give any real impression of the scale or distances. You can see the tarn but only guess about the purity and taste of the water. The native falcon that repeatedly swopped past us remains out of frame.

But if I were a talented film maker, and you viewed what we saw on a large screen in a cinema, then it’s very likely you’d almost feel as if you have been there.

This is a recurring theme in what is easily the most comprehensive review yet of a single product I’ve written - the new KLEI Purity AC cable which you can read about below. What this, and other premium hifi components can do, is take you much closer to an original performance or recording.

This is what Totally Wired is all about. Yet we’re also very aware everyone has different expectations of what is affordable and good value. So we also make sure to offer you a broad range of possibilities such as the special on the Geneva S and the new Tivoli Model One Digital which feature below.

KLEI Purity AC cable

Here is the latest design from Keith Louis Eichmann - Yes, it's a mains cable. You might think that this esoteric, but having now spent several weeks listening to it at home I'm still in a state of disbelief - what it does is little short of astonishing. Yet I've had to ask all sorts of difficult questions, not just about how and why it works as it does, but how such a product can fit into the scheme of things.

It's highly likely that your system that can be greatly improved by one of the KLEI AC cables - why wouldn't you want to make it sound better?

Find out more

Geneva Aerosphere S Special

Featured in our last newsletter, the little Geneva Aerospheres have been quickly selling and we’re down to our last few including just one left in red. This is a fantastic wifi speaker system - it does everything you could want looks great and sounds even better. In terms of outright value there is nothing to touch it.

More than good enough for a main system (especially when paired like the system above) in bedrooms and offices, or as part of a multiroom system, the Geneva Aerosphere S saves you from the mass market.

Check out the review here.

Geneva Aerosphere S black or red finish $500 (was $750)

Geneva S stand $175 (was $349)

Tivoli Model One Digital

Every radio listener will be thrilled to hear that Tivoli Audio has just launched the Model One Digital. With several finish choices balancing style, technology, and audio quality, this new model merges the simplistic elements and user-friendly features of Tivoli’s original and quintessential tabletop Model One radio, but with a tech refresh. 

The Model One Digital builds upon the rich history of Tivoli Audio’s flagship offering, the Model One radio, with the addition of a multi-operational dial and a multitude of connectivity options, including FM, DAB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® , and Spotify Connect. The high-resolution screen and dial make tuning stations, track selection, and playback controls simple.

Designed and engineered by the company’s chief designer, Paul De Pasquale - “Tivoli Audio introduced the original Model One Radio in 2000, to fill a gap in the market for a high-quality and affordable AM/FM radio. Seventeen years later, we are introducing a product that will keep Tivoli Audio on the cutting edge of audio technology for years to come. The Model One Digital will carry Tivoli’s legacy of high quality and high design into the age of streaming content and home wireless audio.”

You can pre-order the new Model One Digital (NZ$599) now - we’re expecting a limited initial shipment in around 4 weeks so click below and get in first.


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