NuPrime in New Zealand

All about the awesome NuPrime range of DACs and Digital amplifiers. The NuPrime range covers music and surround. Every model from affordable entry level through to reference level offers you a happy mix of both exceptional value and performance. “These really are amazing.”

We’re thrilled to be able to bring you the NuPrime products. As longtime NuForce enthusiasts it was only natural for us to contact Jason Lim and ask if we could represent his new enterprise in New Zealand – previously we’d had to operate via a distributor company which was both inefficient and costly. Now the NuPrime range comes to us directly and we’ve been tasked to do the best possible job for you in New Zealand.

In 2018 NuPrime now have a comprehensive range of models that cover both music, surround sound and multichannel. Browse through our pages to learn more. You’ll see that NuPrime, while being primarily active in Digital do have some excellent new analogue components. Every model from affordable entry level upwards offers you a happy mix of both exceptional value and performance. NuPrime’s new flagship model – the Evolution One Mono power amplifier – sets new standards in audio fidelity, originality of design and value. In short, we think they sound absolutely amazing and if there were ever a product to stretch yourself for, these new amplifiers are it.

NuPrime CDP-9 CD Player with DAC at Totally Wired

NuPrime CDP-9 NZ$2800

Here we are with a new player from a forward looking company that breathes new life into the compact disc. If you have a CD collection, NuPrime are looking after you. The recently released NuPrime CDP-9 has proved to be a very special player with remarkable sound quality – yet in these days of streaming and downloads is there still a place for a high quality CD player? Read our review to find out why we think so.

NuPrime Evolution power amplifiers at Totally Wired

NuPrime ‘Evolution One’ Mono Power Amplifiers

NuPrime’s new flagship model – the Evolution One Mono power amplifier – sets new standards in audio fidelity, originality of design and value. In short, we think they sound absolutely amazing and if there were ever a product to stretch yourself for, these new amplifiers are it. As an instrument to transport you to the heart of music, they are well worth saving for. Let’s find out how we got to this point…

NuPrime IDA16 integrated amplifier at Totally Wired

NuPrime IDA-16 Integrated Digital Amplifier – NZ$3900

The NuPrime IDA-16 extreme resolution digital integrated amplifier is a shot across the bows of every serious hifi designer and manufacturer. The IDA-16 is a amplifier that really demands your attention and offers remarkable value for those who appreciate the best of both analogue and digital. With 200 very serious watts on board, the IDA-16 is capable of some breathtaking dynamics and volume levels.

NuPrime IDA 8 integrated amplifer at Totally Wired

NuPrime IDA-8 Integrated Digital Amplifier – NZ$1850

From the very first listen, the IDA-8 elicits a big ‘wow.’ Optical, coax digital, USB, analogue and Bluetooth connections. The DAC and preamp sections are exceptional in terms of resolution and musicality. There is plenty of power with 100 watts on board. “The IDA-8’s spacious, transparent, dynamic and luxuriously textured soundstage has to be heard to be believed.”

NuPrime MCH k38 multi channel power amp at Totally Wired

NuPrime MCH-K38 8 channel power amplifier NZ$4500

The NuPrime MCH-K38 8 Channel Power Amplifier is by far our best and most exciting surround sound amplifier. With both RCA and balanced inputs and bridgeable in any combination to 400 watts each. It is the finest multichannel power amplifier for surround sound systems with explosive power delivery and a level of fidelity we have not heard matched in any setting.

NuPrime uDSD Digital to Analogue converter at Totally Wired

The NuPrime uDSD- NZ$350

Our best and most affordable little Digital to Analogue converter. The NuPrime uDSD is a remarkable device and one of the best value propositions you’ll find in the audio world. First and foremost, it’s the perfect DAC to connect to the USB outputs of your computer – either Mac or PC and run into headphones and any stereo or home theater system.

NuPrime HPA9 headphone amplifier and analogue preamp at Totally Wired

NuPrime HPA-9 – NZ$1250

The NuPrime HPA-9 Headphone amplifier and analogue preamp is an interesting and original hifi component by any standard. While NuPrime might be seen as a digitally oriented specialist, the HPA-9 is a pure analogue design and a very accomplished one at that. There are 3 analogue inputs on the rear – two standard line inputs to connect products such as a DAC. And a 3rd which is a phono stage so you can connect a turntable directly. The HPA-9 is a genuine Class A device.

NuPrime STA 9 power amplifier at Totally Wired

NuPrime STA-9 – NZ$1250

The NuPrime STA-9 stereo power amplifier is a hybrid design – Class A for warmth and musicality, Class D for power, efficiency and speed. The amplifier is rated at 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms stereo or 290 watts in mono. Never before has this level of sound quality and power cost so little. NuPrime allow easy bridging to more than double the power output and turn the STA-9 into a mono amplifier which means you can run two power amplifiers.

NuPrime DAC 9 audio digital to analogue converter at Totally Wired

NuPrime DAC-9 – NZ$1450

The NuPrime DAC-9 is the best DAC we have heard under NZ$2000. Being a fully featured preamplifier it controls volume and switches inputs – including analogue. This gives it many more applications than any conventional fixed output DAC. Digital and analogue connections make it extremely versatile. It has balanced inputs and outputs, and a USB slot which allows insertion of the included NuPrime BTR-8 Bluetooth receiver.

NuPrime DAC10 digital to analogue preamp at Totally Wired

NuPrime DAC-10…awesome analogue & digital goodness – NZ$2500

Designed to be the heart of an audio system, NuPrime’s DAC-10 high resolution Digital to Analogue converter with DSD is also a high end preamplifier with analogue inputs capable of matching with the most demanding power amplifiers. As NuPrime’s flagship digital product, the DAC-10 is the perfect upgrade for any existing DAC.

Nuprime ST10 stereo power amplifier at Totally Wired

Cool Power – The NuPrime ST-10 stereo power amplifier NZ$2700

The NuPrime ST-10 is a breath of the proverbial fresh air in the audio world- every part of conventional power amplifier design is questioned and new approaches and technologies are embraced. 85% efficiency means you don’t need to get rid of a whole lot of heat – so the ST-10 is smaller – which allows shorter, lower noise signal paths. The actual power supply is only as big as it needs to be, so costs much less and produces far less unwanted interference. All the savings made can be channeled back into better quality components where it really matters. The long term reliability and working life is extended. This is why the ST-10 sounds so much better than any other power amplifier at this price and almost all beyond.