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There are two ways to do things in the audio business; the corporate model, where a brand is a highly structured range of price pointed and somewhat bland models aimed at the ‘mass market’.

Or there are the enthusiast driven operations where sound quality is the first priority.

NuPrime most definitely fall into the enthusiast camp, are younger than most, and have embraced new technologies to deliver a rapidly expanding range.

This process has accelerated, going from the original introductory model – the IDA-16 integrated amplifier, to an extensive range of specialist audio components in less than 10 years. We are here to help you navigate the NuPrime range and find just the right right component or system for you.

Change is inevitable and the means of listening to music is rapidly evolving. The body of recorded music grows by the day with countless genres. As does the variety of formats. Your own tastes, existing system and even the rooms you listen to in, will add to this infinite variability. So there is every reason to seek out a bespoke solution.

That’s why the NuPrime range covers analogue and digital, deals with multiple sources and formats and often allows customisation. NuPrime components will run well with almost any loudspeaker and respond well to system upgrades such as cabling.

In 2021 and heading into 2022, the NuPrime range is in a state of transition. There are elements of where they have come from, the present, and some clear indications of where they are heading.

Let’s look at the newest components first.

Nuprime AMG PRA FrontThe NuPrime AMG series is, first and foremost, about uncompromised sound quality. This is why they are separate specialised components and incorporate NuPrime’s very best technologies. The name AMG is a play on one of the key specifications of the amplifiers – the 1 Meg (million) Ohm input impedance and it might just be a coincidence that the same 3 letters have a performance reputation in the automative sphere.

The first 3 components in this line – the PRA preamplifier, STA stereo power amp and HPA headphone amp are little pieces of affordable audio luxury, resolutely analogue, minimalist and focused. All set new standards for NuPrime with a fluid yet detailed sound and the quietest background yet. The STA stereo amplifier has the ability to be bridged, turning it into a 300 watt mono power amplifier, effectively a forth option within the range.

While they look great and compliment each other sound-wise, the AMG series components are also highly compatible with other brands and systems. The unusually high input impedance and high sensitivity of the power amplifiers, especially when bridged make them very easy to match. More AMG components are planned for early 2022 including a DAC.

OMNIA is as much a concept as physical hardware. ‘Do everything’ is as good a translation as any and at the heart of the range is the just released Omnia A-300SE integrated streaming amplifier. The features go past comprehensive to the point where you’d be hard pressed to experiment with every possible setting. And because software is at the heart of Omnia there is scope for further improvement.


The A-300SE is remarkable in that it packs so much into a small sleek package, is seriously powerful yet cool running and despite all the options is intuitive and easy to use. For many people their first experience of component audio with be some form of cheap AV receiver – these are sold on features but as everyone finds out soon enough there’s no such thing as a free lunch and most AVR’s fall far short when it comes to playing music. The A-300SE will cover most of the features they have become familiar with but because it’s stereo and music only, it’s a lot simpler to set up and use.

The free NuPrime Omnia App for both Apple and Andriod is as much a part of this component as the amplifier itself. This allows you to access an entire world of music via streaming services and all your own stored music from your home network.

The Omnia platform extends to other new models – The Stream Mini brings some of the the functionality of the A-300SE to other existing amplifiers and DACs – it’s a simple and affordable choice. The Stream 9 is an audiophile Network Transport which will transform the performance of all Nuprime’s DACs.

The EVOLUTION models are NuPrime’s statement pieces. The Evolution One Mono power amplifiers are a complete reworking of the NuForce Reference 20s which in themselves were a high-end benchmark. There are very few amplifiers that can match the power, control and resolution of the Ones regardless of cost. Easily the most substantial components within the NuPrime range.

The Evolution DAC is a natural match. As the names suggests this series in a natural progression for NuPrime, evolving and refining the technologies from pre-existing models to a higher level. We’re excited to announce that there will soon be a new Evolution STA stereo power amplifier.


NUPRIME X are a tightly focused range of power amplifiers that I have a particular fondness for. They share a modular design with the MCX 2 stereo, 3 and 4 channel versions, culminating in the fiercely powerful 750 watt per channel mono MCX-1.

These amplifiers are perfect for anyone who loves live sound and, as you might imagine with the multiple channel options are great for killer surround sound systems.

9 & 10 SERIES These are the models on which NuPrime has built it’s reputation. You can see how the experience gained with previous NuForce components has informed the designs. The 9 series, including the IDA-8 integrated amplifier, is a great place to start with NuPrime. The separate components – DAC/Preamp, disc players, power amplifiers and a new streamer deliver performance, simplicity and value. There have been a series of upgrades and improvements made within the 9 series – the Stream 9, DAC-9SE and now DAC-9X, STA-X and CDT-9 CD transport.

The 10 series range remains quite tight with the original DAC-10 and ST-10 stereo power amplifier being enhanced by a reference level CD transport. These are still in production and remain more than competitive in both sound quality and value.

Power and Network upgrades. One of the significant spin-offs from NuPrime’s design work within their amplifiers is the range of accessory components dedicated to improving the performance of existing systems. The LPS-205 and 212 are very high quality 5v (USB) and 12v power supplies for many turntables, phono stages and transports. While the NuPrime AC-4 AC power supply looks very tasty we are unable to stock this as there is not a version with NZ/Au plugs.

On the Network side of things you have a number of cool little boxes which add streaming capabilities via both Bluetooth and Wifi, improve ethernet performance and generally just solve problems of connectivity and quality. Things evolve quickly in this space which is why we’ll just link you to NuPrimes appropriate page here.

NuPrime 9X series

The NuPrime 9X series are a complete eco-system of high performance, compact and affordable home audio components. They are all exceptional stand-alone models that will improve the sound and utility of almost any existing system and are even better when combined. The 9X Series exhibit both worthwhile synergy and compatibility, allowing you to progressively build and improve your home system.

Tiny but Mighty

– the NuPrime STA-100 stereo power amplifier – NZ$1200.

This is NuPrime at their very best –  the new STA-100 is their most affordable power amp yet, a radical internal design and fantastic sound quality that will have you wondering how such a small box can produce such a big sound.

Nuprime AMG DAC @totallywirednz

The NuPrime AMG DAC – NZ$4350

Delve into the exemplary sound quality and utility of Nuprime’s AMG DAC. Effectively two components in one – both a Digital to Analogue converter, but also a highly refined analogue preamplifier. The components of the NuPrime AMG series are, in my estimation, their best work to date and the addition of a DAC to the range is timely and complimentary. A quality preamplifier adds to sound quality in a positive way – enhancing scale, lucidity and involvement. This is what the AMG DAC does.

NuPrime Evolution STA

Allow us to introduce you to latest iteration in NuPrime’s innovative amplifier range. The Evolution STA (NZ$8500 incuding GST & delivery) is an enigmatic and interesting beast to say the least. It’s the most substantial single component NuPrime (and previously NuForce) have ever produced and not only builds upon the technologies within their existing suite of Class A/D hybrid designs but also introduces a novel approach to reducing distortion.

NuPrime Omnia A-300SE – NZ$3250

All about the NuPrime Omnia A-300 SE integrated streaming amplifier.

All about the NuPrime Omnia A-300 SE integrated streaming amplifier. One of the most feature rich and modern designs you’ll find, minimalist, cool running and compact aesthetic. The A-300SE delivers on sound; it’s subtle yet powerful, taking cues from NuPrime’s accomplished separate components, combining their attributes in an accessible and easy to use package with understated ease.

NuPrime AMG STA stereo power amplifier

NuPrime AMG STA stereo power amplifier – NZ$3350

This is a distillation of all NuPrime’s and NuForce’s best work in amplifier design. An amazingly transparent and liquid sounding, bridgeable stereo power amplifier that will both relax and thrill you with masses of previously unheard detail, a warm tonality and what is quite probably the best value/performance ratio of any amplifier on the market today.

NuPrime AMG PRA analogue preamplifier – NZ$3600

In Part One of our review of the NuPrime AMG PRA analogue preamplifier we find that in performance gained for the end cost, this is one of the very best choices for analogue enthusiasts. NuPrime have dug deeply, with both lessons learned from previous designs and new innovative approaches to deliver a genuinely high end component that’s still broadly compatible and affordable.

NuPrime Evolution DAC and preamplifier

NuPrime Evolution DAC and preamplifier – discover unknown pleasures

The story of the NuPrime Evolution DAC is very much about unknown pleasures – in what it has revealed so far from recordings we know, to what the future still holds as we further improve the system around it, as the Evolution DAC continues to run in, and as our renewed enthusiasm for new music takes us to places unknown. Are you ready to come with us?

NuPrime Evolution power amplifiers at Totally Wired

NuPrime ‘Evolution One’ Mono Power Amplifiers

NuPrime’s flagship model – the Evolution One Mono power amplifier sets new standards in audio fidelity, originality of design and value. We think they sound absolutely amazing and believe that… as an instrument to transport you to the heart of music, they are well worth stretching and saving for. Let’s find out how we got to this point…

NuPrime DAC10 digital to analogue preamp at Totally Wired

NuPrime DAC-10…awesome analogue & digital goodness – NZ$3600

The perfect upgrade for any existing DAC. Designed to be the heart of an audio system, NuPrime’s DAC-10 high resolution Digital to Analogue converter with DSD is also a high end preamplifier with analogue inputs capable of matching with the most demanding power amplifiers. The DAC-10H includes a high power balance headphone amplifier – $4000.

Nuprime ST10 audio stereo power amplifier at Totally Wired

NuPrime ST-10 stereo power amplifier – NZ$3500

The NuPrime ST-10 is a breath of the proverbial fresh air in the audio world- every part of conventional power amplifier design is questioned and new approaches and technologies are embraced. It’s the perfect time to look at a new power amplifier. If you already own a pre/power combination or are looking to upgrade from integrated the ST-10 sounds so much better than any other power amplifier at this price.

NuPrime IDA16 integrated amplifier at Totally Wired

NuPrime IDA-16 Integrated Digital Amplifier – NZ$3600

The NuPrime IDA-16 extreme resolution digital integrated amplifier is a shot across the bows of every serious hifi designer and manufacturer. The IDA-16 is a amplifier that really demands your attention and offers remarkable value for those who appreciate the best of both analogue and digital. With 200 very serious watts on board, the IDA-16 is capable of some breathtaking dynamics and volume levels.

NuPrime ‘MCX-1’ 750 watt mono amplifiers NZ$3700 each

The arrival of the NuPrime X MCX 1s will make you revisit many of the assumptions you might hold when considering home audio components – especially amplifiers. But the first question is ‘what would you possibly do with a pair of 750 watt mono amplifiers?’ The easy answer is anything you want. OK – there is more to it, but – imagine seemingly limitless power and control, with bass like never before.

NuPrime-X MCX-2 stereo power amplifier NZ$3700

NuPrime have changed the way we think about amplifiers. What they look like, how they work and even how they sound. They are the latest chapter in this story, redefining our expectations of power and how this ties in with sound quality. Massively powerful – they range from 300 to 750 watts per channel – the MCX power amplifiers are a series of 4 models all built on the same slim design platform.

NuPrime CDP-9 CD Player with DAC at Totally Wired

NuPrime CDP-9 NZ$3400

Here we are with a new player from a forward looking company that breathes new life into the compact disc. If you have a CD collection, NuPrime are looking after you. The recently released NuPrime CDP-9 has proved to be a very special player with remarkable sound quality – yet in these days of streaming and downloads is there still a place for a high quality CD player? Read our review to find out why we think so.

NuPrime STA 9 power amplifier at Totally Wired

NuPrime STA-9 – NZ$1950

The NuPrime STA-9 stereo power amplifier is a hybrid design – Class A for warmth and musicality, Class D for power, efficiency and speed. The amplifier is rated at 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms stereo or 290 watts in mono. Never before has this level of sound quality and power cost so little. NuPrime allow easy bridging to more than double the power output and turn the STA-9 into a mono amplifier which means you can run two power amplifiers.

NuPrime IDA 8 integrated amplifer at Totally Wired

NuPrime IDA-8 Integrated Digital Amplifier – NZ$2350

From the very first listen, the IDA-8 elicits a big ‘wow.’ Optical, coax digital, USB, analogue and Bluetooth connections. The DAC and preamp sections are exceptional in terms of resolution and musicality. There is plenty of power with 100 watts on board. “The IDA-8’s spacious, transparent, dynamic and luxuriously textured soundstage has to be heard to be believed.”

NuPrime uDSD Digital to Analogue converter at Totally Wired

The NuPrime uDSD- NZ$350

Our best and most affordable little Digital to Analogue converter. The NuPrime uDSD is a remarkable device and one of the best value propositions you’ll find in the audio world. First and foremost, it’s the perfect DAC to connect to the USB outputs of your computer – either Mac or PC and run into headphones and any stereo or home theater system.

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