Going from 2 floors with 3 listening rooms plus a large showroom to a home office was always going to be a challenge. What is in those boxes? Turns out some really cool stuff and some great savings for you…

Dynavector P75MK3 Phono stage $849 new (was $995).

Want the best possible sound from your turntable?

The Dyanvector P-75Mk3

The Dynavector P75 works on 3 levels. Firstly for either Moving Magnet or high output coil cartridges, it provides the right step up to line level. Low output moving coils are more demanding and the P75Mk3 makes the most of these with a vanishingly low noise floor and exceptional detail retrieval plus the ability to be fine tuned for cartridge loading.

Finally for the very best sound – especially the Dynavectors, the Patented Phono Enhancing Circuit designed by Dr Tominari, to dramatically improve the performance of low output moving coil cartridges. Read all about the P75Mk3 here.

Questyle QP1-R $1495 (was $1650)

With the MK2 (and more costly) version due out soon, we’ve got our last new QPR-1 on special. I have my own unit packed with my favorite music that I’ll be keeping because I’ve not been able to find a better sounding digital source anywhere – while it’s intented for use as a portable device, mine is effectively a server in our main system and the only digital source I find comparable to our much more esoteric analogue rig.

I won’t draw this out. The QP1R sounds little short of stupendous…As ever, implementation determines the final sonic outcome and here the Questyle’s triple clocking, Class A circuitry and proprietary amp topology combine to tremendous effect.

It’s much the same result across all formats and music genres, but perhaps clearest of all with DSD128 – the Questyle possesses what seems the essential knack of removing the sterility that sometimes seems part and parcel of the hyper-clean clarity and detail hi-res is famed for and replacing it with an inviting warmth so that whatever you play sounds detailed and dynamic but also superbly natural, organic and easy to listen to.

Get the full story here.


Geneva Aerosphere S Wireless speaker system – new.

We’ve teamed up with our best supplier to bring you a special and exclusive deal on our favourite wireless speaker system – The Geneva Aerosphere S.
We’ve always got along with the little Geneva – while we’ve had a shop full of larger more impressive looking systems that are lot of fun and brilliant for larger rooms, it’s the perfectly formed Geneva Aerosphere S that makes the real minimalist statement. If sound quality is important to you, this is the wireless speaker system to go for.

The Geneva approach is very much design led – but based firmly on the delivery of the better sound quality.The spherical form is a big contributor as it achieves both a dramatic drop in resonance and remarkable dispersion. But this has to be backed up by quality signal processing, parts and assembly. It also has to do what we want in terms of connections – wirelessly, the Aerosphere S operates both via BlueTooth and the better sounding Wifi option. In both PC (DLNA) and Apple (AirPlay) environments. And is controlled with by Ap, AirPlay or its own remote control. You can also plug any line level source in (a turntable would normally operate via a phone stage).
Have a quick read of What HiFi’s five star take on the Geneva Aerosphere S.

The Aerosphere S is ideal for shelf or table top placement and we’ve also got the matching stand on special at half new price -just $175. You can have several Aerospheres distributed around your home either playing together or separately. And for the more demanding listener you can set a pair up in the same way you would normal speakers, as the Ap allows you to separate right and left channels. In this context the Aerosphere beats any conventional system hands down given the special price.

Geneva+ Aerosphere S speaker system NZ$500 each  (were $750.)

Geneva+ M Wireless – new in walnut – $649. (originally $995)

Your first impression might lead you to consider the Geneva Systems to be a designer statement. You might even think they look seriously expensive. So we’d better get straight to it – the Geneva Model M is both easily affordable and offers sound quality that redefines our expectations at this level. geneva_m_walnut.png

Like all the models in the range, it is first and foremost a powered speaker system to Bluetooth music to, and it is the performance that Geneva offer in this context that sets them apart from the plethora of devices from distinctly tacky to really quite good. Although the front cover gives the impression of a single speaker, there are actually 4 drivers, each powered by a dedicated powerful and efficient class D amplifier which delivers the full rich sound. Combined with sophisticated signal processing, these deliver a remarkable spread of rich stereo sound that competes with (and betters) conventional stereo systems at similar and often higher prices.

The Model M is not just an Bluetooth player. It also feature a quality FM radio section and has a line input to allow you to connect devices such as Apple Airport which enables streaming from your computer. The Model M also includes an alarm clock. The Model M is similar in dimension to the Tivoli Music System which you may also like to consider.

Bluetooth Wireless, FM radio and alarm clock. Gloss black, white, red, Matte black or Real walnut finish. 4x Class D amps. Dimensions 30.2 cm W x 22 cm H x 18.1 cm D Matching M stand also on special at half price – $175.

Geneva+ Model S $349 (was $595)

Little brother to the model M above, the S shares all the same features and qualities in a smaller cabinet. And also included a neat tabletop stand. Perfect for bedrooms and offices.

We’re down to our last 3  – one matt white, one matt black and one in brillaint fire engine red. Easily the best sounding BT speaker and radio – the only serious competitor to Tivoli and at this price the best of the two options. Read more here.


NuPrime IDA-16 Integrated Digital Amplifier NZ$3350 (originally $4600)

IDA-16_fireplace_lifstyleNuPrime’s first product and still their most powerful and best sound integrated model, the IDA-16 is an awesome beast. Packed to the gills with innovation and power (200 watts per channel) it sounds fantastic especially with more demanding speakers and now we’ve discovered better power cables we see it in a whole new light. If anything I’m more impressed with it now than I was originally.

The new IDA-32 is in development and due for release around the end of this year – this will come in well above both the IDA-16 and DAC-10/ST-10 combination in features, performance and price but in the meantime NuPrime have given us a great deal on the IDA-16 so let’s make the most of it.

Read more about the IDA-16 here – it’s easily the best performing integrated amplifier I’ve heard and at the new price, by far the best value in the entire range.

Monitor Audio Gold GXW15 Subwoofer – New

What about some really serious bass? The Monitor Audio Gold series GXW15 DSP subwoofer is a unique beast. The massive 15″ CCAM bass driver cone is lighter than most, and when intelligently driven by the DSP amp (Digital Signal Processing) which monitor_audio_Gold_GXW-15sub.jpgcorrects and optimizes performance, it is considerably faster and more subtle than you might imagine. But 650 watts of power efficient Class D amplifier carries a fearsome punch. With automated setup backed up by fine tuning via remote control and an easy to understand menu and display system, you can really make the most of the GXW15. Was $4,000, one only NZ$ 2,500. That’s exactly the same price as the new Silver series sub – I know which I’d prefer.

Right at the other end of the MA range is their brilliant little entry level speaker, the MASS-10. Perfect for shelf or wall mounting, stereo or surround, the  MASS-10s are pure Monitor Audio with all metal drivers, perfect finish and at almost half price, an unbeatable level of value. Just $280 the pair – yes – that is for two.

NuForce UDH-100 asynchronous USB DAC and headphone amp silver one only $400 was $995

In the 3 years since the introduction of the NuForce 100 series digital components we’ve found nothing better at this level. Only now with the advent of the NuPrime models do we have something that makes appreciable gains – yet it’s clear that NuPrime have evolved from NuForce and the original designs sound just as good today as they did when we first heard them.

There will be systems where a computer is in proximity – or a components such as the Mac Mini which has a USB output – if this is the case, the UDH-100 is the best option. It could be described as a very high quality headphone amplifier the a USB DAC input which would put it into the ‘desk top audio’ niche – and certainly it is right at the top of this particular genre. But also as an asynchronous USB DAC for use in any system, it is a stellar performer. So in short, if your computer is your only source, this is the DAC for you.

Orbit Sound Spaced 360 Portable BT speaker system – $300 including sleeve.

OrbitSound Spaced 360

Designed in Britain, the Spaced 360 is a seriously cool piece of audio design – both in the way it looks and how it sounds. As you can see, it’s a long way from conventional as there are 3 visible speakers that project 360 degree sound. What you can’t see are 3 additional bass radiators hidden under the perforated metal body to provide additional bass kick. There’s also some pretty slick electronics for signal processing there and a high capacity rechargeable battery that will give you around 12 hours of continuous and completely wireless replay. More.

Racks & Stands

We’ve got a selection of AV racks we’ve used for display on sale plus some speaker stands that need new homes.

Loewe ART TV cabinet

This is a beautiful piece of modernist slimline design – holds two components, closing front door, cable cover at the back, silver/grey finish. Originally around $2000!. Never used and has been sitting in a box till we brought it out to take a pic. I’m not so sure I want to sell it know as our own Loewe TV looks pretty good on it. $500

Sound Creations Symphony TV Rack – less than half price – $700 – (new $1439)

Elegant and 100% functional, this rack takes multiple components including a TV is you are so inclined. Black finish, smoked glass shelves, Rimu corner inserts and a cable management sleeve around the back, Castors included too. Because this rack is fully made up with welded construction, shipping will have to be extra in this case and will vary depending on where you are.

Legato 2 shelf $300

Black finish with 2 Rimu veneer shelves and fitted with castors or spikes. I’ve refinished the shelves and there is a spare one there too. Perfect for better isolation of your turntable.

Sound Creations CD rack $879 newnow $300

Completely over engineered but beautifully finished storage for 150 CDs. This rack has done sterling service in the shop displaying all our demonstration CDs In as new condition and able to be easily shipped anywhere in NZ.

Speaking of isolation we have a Well Tempered Isolation base which has been further modded with Black Diamond Racing pyramid cones – Will completely transform the sound and performance of most turntables. $175.

Bellogetti 1.5m high 5 shelf glass and steel rack

Perfect for alcoves and storage of multiple components and media $300

Alphason/StoundStyle Z1 speakers stands


A serious high performance stand for the better quality small speakers – 4 columns with damping, multiple spikes etc and all happily flat packed – Normally $500 but this set at $350 + shipping (repack).

Norstone Stylum 2 speaker stands – 2 column, gloss black $300 new. Not quite as good as the Z1s above but if you fill them with sand you won’t be too far behind. Flat packed. $200.

Sound Creations short speaker stands – basic but solid 0.5m speaker stand with all welded constriction – matt black. $100.

The Absolute Sound magazine

I’ve got a box full of high end audio history here – great reading from around 1985 to the early 90s. $60 + shipping


Pure silver and seriously high end these cables are close to unbeatable – only the new KLEI models are better and that’s a whole other story. And I thought it was a pile of empty SlinkyLinks tins. The sub cables are extra special with thicker silver conductors for more power and speed.

Subwoofer cables 4m – $250 5m – $300

Stereo Interconnect pair 3m $300

Also made by SlinkyLinks and perfect for anyone with a quality personal player –
3.5mm Stereo Interconnect 1m $100, Stereo RCA to Din 1m with WBT RCA plugs $50

0.2m Project VdH interconnects. Very short but very good if you’ve got small or close components to run to – ideal for phono stages with very good shielding. Silver placed RCAs just $30 a pair.

 Specials – freight & warranty – Because the specials are all discounted, we do have to charge freight for out-of-town clients. All components will be safely packed in original packaging if available or appropriate boxes. Normal warranty applies on new components and 90 days for demo and trade–in pieces.

How To Order – Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to order, we’ll make it easy for you. Either phone us on 0800 909–101 or e-mail and we can get your address and all details confirmed. For payment more and more people prefer to use internet banking – email us to get account details.