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Welcome to the world of Tivoli Audio from Totally Wired. Originally designed by audio legend Henry Kloss, the Tivoli radio range has been continually broadened and improved over the last 15 years.

Tivoli Model One BT – NZ$449 including GST and delivery.

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More than just a radio the Tivoli Model One links us with past, present and future. Designed by Henry Kloss, who in 1960 designed the first high fidelity table radio which he called the Model 8, the Model One BT harkens back to a life more simple, childhood memories, history. It is present in our day to day life and informs us of what is to come. “The Model One is the culmination of more than 40 years of bringing music into people’s homes via products they tend to keep and enjoy”. – Henry Kloss.

The Tivoli Model One has a well earned place in audio development. Its classic design, simple operation and superb sound has led it to become one of the world’s best selling audio products ever. The furniture grade handmade wood cabinet not only gives the Model One a beautiful look, but provides an acoustically inert housing for quality sound. You can choose from a number of finishes to suit your individual style. “The reason the Model One reminds you of a time when products were made really well is because this product is made really well,” – Tom DeVesto, founder and CEO of Tivoli Audio.

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Tivoli PAL BT – NZ$449

Are you looking for the best sounding and most reliable portable radio? The Tivoli PAL-BT is made for you. The newest and best version of the most popular model in the Tivoli range, the PAL BT draws on unmatched heritage and expertise to give you great sound, tuning ability and long life.

The PAL-BT is weather proof and robust with a long life, built in rechargeable battery pack. PAL-BT looks as good as it sounds in 3 new gloss front finishes – white, red and black – that are easily cleaned.


The original PAL was introduced in 2002 and has been continually improved – sound, reliability, finish, features and battery life. Yet even an early version PAL remains fully serviceable.

Your PAL-BT can go anywhere with you. Great around the house and perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. Weather proof and easily cleaned so ideal for in the garden and robust enough for workshops and vehicles. The battery is good for around 2 weeks normal use and you can keep listening while it recharges.

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Tivoli Model 3-BT AM/FM Clock Radio – NZ$599

A design classic and the most desirable of all the Tivoli models. The new Tivoli Model 3-BT clock radio with Bluetooth is the latest and best version of this long running line.tivoli_m3_bt_books.png

The addition of Bluetooth which enables easy wireless streaming from any smartphone or the capable device allows you to enjoy the top quality sound of the Model 3 even more. Over it’s long lifespan, the Model 3 has been continuously improved so now sounds even clearer and picks up more stations.

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Tivoli Music System CD+BT – NZ$1495

The Tivoli Music System is an all-in-one design which succeeds in all aspects important for your enjoyment – performance and reliability, flexibility and ease of use, it is stylish and robust. Simple, elegant, affordable. MSYBT_WB_Books_Modern

As well as Radio and CD you can also play music from Bluetooth enabled digital devices, eg iPhone. Plus it has an auxiliary input with which you can listen to other music sources such as a turntable.

The built-in room-filling sound comes through a stereo pair of speakers and down firing subwoofer powered by amplifiers which give a full, detailed sound. The Tivoli sound is recognised as warm and rich.

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