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All about the new Pure Audio Duo stereo power amplifier.

There is something special about NZ  made and it's highly likely that you own, or have owned one or more components that have been designed or built in New Zealand.

There are plenty of good reasons to have a favourable bias towards NZ made - it's designed and made here, by people you may well know who have developed it, not just for export but also to suit local listeners.

Pure Audio is designed and built by Gary Morrison and Ross Stevens - between them they are responsible for Craft, the best of the Plinius models and even a little bit of Perreaux. The Pure Audio range is the culmination.

The Vinyl Moving Coil phono stage, Control analogue preamplifier and Reference Mono power amplifiers are now joined by the new Duo Stereo power amplifier. Over the last month we've been increasingly in awe of the performance of the Duo.

This is a remarkable amplifier by anyones standards. There are a series of unique features in the design that allow it to deliver stunning performance in a wide range of systems. There is both power and subtlety, performance and practicality, all built into a distinctive and original aesthetic to give a pride of ownership that few if any imports will ever match.

The arrival of the Duo has prompted us to re-evaluate all of the Pure Audio products - since introduction the eco-system around the models has improved dramatically - better analogue and digital front ends, better speakers and vastly better connection options.

Pure Audio is more than up to the task. So as well as writing up the new Duo, we've also greatly expanded upon our original Pure Audio pages. Anyone with an interest in NZ made, and hifi at its best, owe it to themselves to investigate Pure Audio further. We've got the new Duo, Control and Vinyl on demonstration in the shop right now.

Quad Specials

Our Quad specials have been a real hit - with a remarkable number of sales not just in New Zealand but also Australia and even Shanghai!

We've secured the last 3 Vena amplifiers in the country - at $995 there is simply nothing to touch them for both value and sound quality. The Elite Integrated is an even more powerful integrated for those with analogue sources - also at $995

Match either amplifier with high value speaker specials. There is one last pair of unopened boxes with the beautiful ESL-2805s inside waiting for some extremely astute and lucky buyer at just $6000 - that's less than half price.

Or how about the statuesque 23L Classique finished in cherry at  $1700 - down from $3495 new. 

Want a ripper shelf mount to go with the Vena? We've also got one our favourite Monitor Audio models - the GX-50 on special at just $1800 - the replacement Gold 50 is $2500.

Don't miss out. Call or email us.

The new KLEI AC power cable.

It's not often I'll promote product before release - but in the case of the new power cable from Keith Eichmann, my own experience has been so convincing that an exception will be made.

I've been listening to a pre-production prototype for the last few weeks - in short, I've never in all my listening heard a cable of any description that makes such a great improvement to any system it is plugged into. We thought the original Eichmann AC cable was pretty good but this new cable is better in every way and then some.

Trying to find out why this is so has caused me to dig though everything I can find about mains cable design and performance. I've listened, experimented and talked at length with Keith about what he has done and the reasons behind it.

If you only buy one thing from us this year, I suggest this new cable should be it. It won't be expensive, but it will make you very happy. Release is scheduled for the end of this month, so keep an eye on our news page as I'll shortly post a comprehensive review.

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