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Cool Power - the NuPrime ST-10 amplifier

Carolyn was sitting, whisky in hand with Nick Cave singing to her, and only her. As he finished and the sound of his voice drifted away she turned to me and said, 'you can sell our amplifier now'.

The arrival of the NuPrime ST-10 Reference LE power amplifier has opened our ears to a whole new level of transparency and performance that we've never before heard from an amplifier. That the NuPrime is affordable, compact and cool running makes this achievement all the more remarkable.

If you own an existing pre/power system, or are looking for a serious improvement in sound quality, you owe it to yourself to investigate the NuPrime ST-10. We've posted a full write-up for you here.

Sonus Faber Chameleon collection

Hand made in Italy, there is nothing to match the Sonus faber loudspeakers for both quality of finish and sound. These are true luxury products with a reputation that is deserved in every way.

The introduction of a new model is always an event. You open a Sonus faber box and the rich aroma of leather, lacquer and maybe even a hint of coffee fills the room. 

Ranging from just $1300 for the centre to $5000 for the pair of the awesome floorstanders, the new Chameleon collection draws on all of Sonus faber's experience to produce 3 models that are at once affordable and totally desirable.

We'll be featuring the new Chamelon collection in the store within the next few days... More.

Is cable a component?

Keith Eichmann recently journeyed across the Tasman to visit and introduce us to his new flagship interconnect cable - the gZero20 IC.

That a cable warrants this, gives you some idea of both how committed he is and also that this might just be something very special.

As a result we've been doing both a lot of listening and thinking about how hifi systems work and what constitutes value. Read the result of our deliberations here.

Shellac & the Shifting Sands at Chicks Hotel

Two of our favourite bands play the world famous Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers - Tonight it's the Shifting Sands with their new album release - Cosmic Radio Station - we've got this on vinyl and it's a wonderfully textured and original LP with a really live sound. Here's a a taste.

Click on the link above and you'll go to to Fish Rider Records where you can get it in all 3 formats. Details of the rest of the tour are here.

Shellac is Steve Albini's band - he's an analogue obsessive, massively intense musician and talented producer. It's been around 10 years since they were last here with the most awesome array of wildly powerful custom built tube amplifiers.

Shellac play two nights at Chicks at the end of November - Tickets should go on sale soon. Auckland and Wellington only get one show each so you know where to come!

Look forward to seeing you there - Carolyn & John at Totally Wired.

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