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Indulge yourself.

Sonus faber Pryma headphones

Welcome to our last e zine for the year - you might be after a last minute gift. Or maybe you'd really like something cool to enjoy over the summer. 

What better to indulge in but a really good pair of headphones - we managed to get a couple of extra pairs of the new Sonus faber Pryma headphones just in time for Christmas.

Beautifully finished and presented, the new Pryma headphones are everything you would expect from Sonus faber in terms of sound quality. Just come in and listen - you'll understand.

Don't forget we've also got some fantastic and affordable little DACs that double both as headphone amps and an upgrade for your system - the NuPrime uDSD and new Meridian Explorer 2 being obvious choices but that's just the start of our options.

Everyone loves their Tivoli

Tivoli Model 3 BT

Still the best radio around, there are new Bluetooth versions of the classic Model One, PAL and everyones favourite way to wake up - the Model 3 analogue clock radio.

Tivoli’s are the perfect gift - from the simple radios to the full systems (there is a range of 3 to choose from now). Numerous colour and feature choices.

But above all, it's the clear tone and good reception that set Tivoli apart - recent improvements to all models make them even better.

OrbitSound Spaced 360 Special

Spaced 360 Wireless speaker

Wireless to go - the OrbitSound Spaced 360 wireless speaker has been reduced to just $399 for Christmas. Easily the best sound for the price with great Bluetooth, battery life and as the name suggests, full multi-directional sound. Inside or outside.

This is the perfect present for younger listeners - if your life is on an iPhone, this is the speaker system to match - innovative, durable and above all, fun.

NuForce In Ear monitors

NuForce in ear monitors

While the Sonus faber Pryma headphones are a highly visible item, the NuForce in ear monitors are directly comparable in terms of sound quality - smaller they may be, but no less advanced in terms of technology.

The top of the range Primo 8s are stunningly detailed and dynamic with multiple drivers to cover the full frequency range.

The more affordable models are still seriously capable and all stay true to the NuForce reputation for unbeatable sound for less. Starting at just $150 the pair, this is a huge upgrade for any iPod or phone.

We have the full range in stock and even spare pads for the Primos  so you are more than welcome to listen for yourself.

Analogue treats

Project Debut Carbon

Nothing goes faster - the Project Debut carbon turntable in racing red is a lustworthy turntable for the budget conscious analogue enthusiast. 

Higher up the analogue food chain, the Wax Engine from Opera-Consonace we featured in the last e zine is proving a real hit - it has the ability to be extensively upgraded over time and is good enough to take on the very best digital systems.

With Nagaoka, Well Tempered and Dynavector cartridges, a bevy of phono stages, ultra quiet high resolution cables and plenty of vinyl related accessories there is something for everyones record playing christmas.

New from NuPrime

NuPrime HPA 9

For our own christmas we'll be reviewing the new 9 series components from Nuprime - An affordable DAC/preamp, analogue headphone amp/preamp (with phono stage!) and bridgeable stereo power amplifiers. 

And with a bit of luck we'll get to finally spend some time catching up on movies with Cambridge’s wonderful new CXU - this will also be part of the equation with the Nuprime components .

And that's it from us for 2015. We're open right up till Christmas eve and plan to be back at work on Wednesday the 6th of January. But you can still e mail us anytime over the break and we'll be back to you quickly.

Have a safe and happy festive season. Carolyn & John at Totally Wired.

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