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NuPrime DAC-10

Digital or analogue, wireless or directly connected, we've got some brilliant new products that are going to make your music sound much better. You'll find these new components work in surprising ways.

The NuPrime DAC-10 is a case in point. Not only is it a state of the art DAC with resolution levels we've only be able to dream about - it also features two analogue inputs and a seriously competent preamplifier with both RCA and balanced outputs.

From the first moment we switched the DAC-10 on just a few weeks ago, it was immediately apparent that this is a fantastic sounding device, far better than any we have heard previously. Learn more here.

NuPrime uDSD

At the other end of the NuPrime range the little NZ$250 uDSD Dac and headphone amp is a minor miracle. Superficially derived from the NuForce uDAc, this diminuative component is just as well built as the DAC-10 and delivers a level of performance far higher than the price point suggests.

It's a USB DAC, it's a headphone amplifier and can connect to both conventional amplifiers, active powered speakers and power amplifiers. It's DSD capable, has class leading resolution and can even convert from USB to coaxial digital.

Connect it with good quality cables, plug in your best headphones and prepare to be impressed. An absolute essential for anyone with an expanding high resolution library on their laptop. More here.

NuForce DDA-100 on special.

Don't miss out on the last of our NuForce DDA-100 amplifiers on special.

The DDA-100 is our best selling amp ever and is unbeatable value, either at $500 when matched with speakers from our range. Or at $695 when purchased alone.

We've only got a few left in silver and black and once they have gone there is no comparably priced replacement.

Featured on our specials page here.

New - The Tivoli Model 3 BT NZ$599

A design classic, the Tivoli Model 3 clock radio is the best way to wake up. And now it's even better with the addition of BlueTooth so you can now wirelessly stream music into it from any smartphone, iPad or BT capable iPod.

Over it's long lifespan, the Model 3 has been continuously improved so now sounds even clearer and picks up more stations. Shamelessly imitated, the genuine Model 3 has a far better finish, is more solid and sounds superior to any other clock radio.

And now with Bluetooth you can access music and programming from all around the world. But far from abandoning well-established (and highly successful) tradition, the Model Three BT still includes an auxiliary input for devices without Bluetooth technology, its intuitive Alarm and Sleep functions, and analog interface for the clock and AM/AM radio—combining a sleek, retro look with modern high performance.

KLEI Digital Interconnects

The new KLEI analogue interconnects from Keith Louis Eichmann are proving to be our most popular cables by a wide margin. Both the new Harmony RCA plugs and unique construction of the cable do wonderful things for analogue.

And now with purpose designed digital interconnect cables, the plugs and construction are proving to be just effective in this domain - convincingly better than any cable we've perviously heard and by no means costly.

There are two models - the gZero2D and gZero3D at NZ$250 and $350 respectively for 1 metre lengths. The entry level cable has the standard copper Harmony plugs whereas the better '3D' model has the very special Silver Harmony plugs.

While you might think this will be a small improvement it turns out that in the world of digital this is well worthwhile, especially if you are matching to a high resolution DAC such as the NuPrime. Both are now in stock.

Project Debut Carbon Esprit SB NZ$995 including GST

All the way from state of the art digital to the bastions of value for money analogue - the Project turntables continue to improve and this new model sets the benchmark for just how good turntable can be at NZ$1000. Take the award winning Debut Carbon (already effectively a 4th generation design), add the much better sounding acrylic platter, swop the entry level Ortofon OM cartridge for the more capable 2MRed.

Then take it all the way with the SpeedBox circuitry, optimised to improve the performance of the new DC motor and give pushbutton speed change for 33, 45 - and even 78. It looks the business and sounds even better. There is plenty of scope for further upgrading performance with better cartridges, phono stages and cables. In short, this answers all your analogue desires in an affordable and easy to set up and use package. More.

This new Project model is due in next week - drop us a line now if you are interested as it looks very much like they will quickly sell out.

Short takes

Our new online shop is now live - Carolyn has built up a smart new  shop site for smaller purchases. It's just a start right now but the NuPrime uDSD is there as well as most Tivoli and Geneva models.

Carolyn also maintains our Facebook page. Like us and make her happy!

Finally - for a more comprehensive version of this newsletter visit our full newspage here

All the best from Carolyn & John at Totally Wired.

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